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Allergies suck!

Tis the season for stinking allergies. Itchy, watery, swelling, flaky, all that awesomeness that comes along. Just wanted to refresh on some things.. As you know, getting lashes wet is OK, its good to clean lashes. Clean lashes = Happy lashes. Meaning there won’t be build up of dead skin, and pollen irritants trapped in lashes that can cause inflammation.
If you don’t know how to clean them, its simple. Use a sanitized eye shadow brush, saturate with baby shampoo cleanse lashes in downward motion, rinse with water. While you’re at it, exfoliate eyelids too. I usually do this when in shower, I tend to freak out rinsing over the sink as if I’m drowning or something.. but thats besides the point lol.
I did some testing, one week of not cleaning eyelashes during a pretty high pollen count and BOOM. I had a flare up. It got red, a little puffy, even flaky and sensitive to the touch on that eye. I immediately cleaned them, and a put a little bit of Marula Oil and it went away immediately the next day.


I didn’t take an after photo, bc I’m a little scattered brain like that. But I can tell you its completely gone and I’m ecstatic. It was soo sensitive, even blinking I wanted to snatch all my extensions out. I knew better, I wouldn’t have a base for an extension to attached to. Who’d want that? Certainly not me.. After getting back into a routine, I haven’t had a flare up since. Hope this helps!


Newbie Lash Techs..

Lash Extensions have become quite popular. I mean, HUGE thing. Some ladies even scratch nails out of their budget to get these babies. I don’t blame them, lashes completes your look. It cuts down the time to get ready. Your “Lazy Days” don’t even LOOK lazy with lashes. It brightens, opens, and makes you look put together without any effort. Natural beauty.. 😏

With that said, bc its such a rave right now, it sparks a lot of people to want to jump on the lash tech bandwagon. Which is totally okay, so long they have passion in it. Its not okay to get clients in and out for the $$ and ruin the integrity of their natural lashes. Us women suffer through alot already. As we age, things change, our body change. Lashes too get shorter, brittle, and thin. Boy we sure do get the poop-end of the stick huh? LOL! When “lash techs” go out there and do crabby work, it actually expedites the lash issue we are all doomed to face one day. Causing premature hair loss even. Yikes!

I urge people to do the research. Check out photos, ask as many questions as you want. There’s no such things as a stupid question! We LOVE to help, and educate as much as we can. You best save your lashes now before they’re forever gone…If you’re a newbie lash tech, ask me anything. I would love to help you too! Email questions at

Classic VS Volume Lashes, What’s The Difference?


So there’s been TONS of false information about the 2 techniques. Let’s clarify and straighten them out! First, I want to apologize for the poor quality of photo and volume fans. They’re not perfect and I’ll be the first to say it. I told myself I’m committed to keep up with this blog. Even if it means doing it with my 1 year old on my lap! HAHA!

Classic Lashes is a technique of applying 1 extension onto 1 natural lash. That’s why you see a lot of professionals using the term, 1:1. The fuller you want your lashes to be, the thicker diameter the lash tech uses to achieve that look. There are varieties of diameters out there, so lash babes..make sure you use the proper one and PLEASE don’t go crazy. The thicker it is ultimately means the heavier it its on one’s natural lash.

Volume Lashes are a alternative way of applying anywhere from 2-6 (sometimes even more, believe it or not) per natural lash. They’re still individuals– like the classics but super SUPER fine, plus MUCH lighter. It allows professionals to apply, HAND make fans using 2-6 extensions applying them to your lash. That’s why it takes 2-3 hours for a full set. Don’t get these confused with the Tabs. Some salons actually purchase cheap $3 tabs (which btw are SUPER heavy) from Sally’s and charge you $300 for 10 min service! ALWAYS ask questions.

Hearing multiple lashes on one natural lash makes clients wanna say, “HECK NO! I’ll stick with Classics”. And I don’t blame them. There’s a lot of horrendous stories out there about bad lash jobs. But the weight of the volume lashes –even with multiple of them doesn’t even amount to one classic extension. So it’s lighter, safer, and only way to get the fullest lashes you can ever dream of without damaging the integrity of your own.

As you can see from the photo above, the difference in Classic & Volume. When a Classic Lash shed, you have a sad gap. When one Volume Fan sheds, you have that neighboring fan covering that gap so you can go longer before needing fills.

Well that basically explains as much as I can think with my Mommy Brain. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later on, since I’m so forgetful. Hopefully this helps explaining the difference between the 2. I can’t wait to write the next one!!

Life & Lashing..

I’ve been waiting SO long to do a blog, than this comes up and that other thing becomes a major task. You know, life. However.. I told myself I can’t keep letting certain things be in the back burner. I received a couple e-mails of what to blog about, so let’s do this!!

Firstly, I just wanted to say.. those who know me, knows what my family and I have been going through. I am SO SO SO happy to announce, my best friend, my husband, is officially on the transplant list. 😁👍🏽 Long time coming, but we are finally there. 🙌🏽

Ok so now back to e-mails..

What made you start doing lashes, and was it easy for you?

I took a course back in 2005, and was a side hustle since. I was actually working at Toni&Guy for a good minute. Shout out to the galleria–whoop whoop. Hair was my passion. So I thought.. It just wasn’t there anymore. I realized I only stayed BC I loved the people who became friends and not the actual job itself. 

Than I started doing more lashes and started to build a following from it. I loved how challenging it is to work with different types of eye shapes, and lashes. I absolutely LOVE that feeling when a client looks into the mirror, smile esctaticly and their esteem sky rockets. 

Was it easy for me? Heck no. It may look like a breeze now, but it was beyond difficult. There were many times when I wanted to just say, F-this! But after seeing a few more clients who had lashes done else where, I saw how poor of a job it was. These ladies will have permanent damage if I quit doing this and they go back to What’s Her Name.

 Than I had a new view I can not let this happen. Yes lashes are a huge deal rn, I also know when lashes are done properly, they actually aren’t damaging. But to let go because I can’t get the hang of it sounds a little ridiculous at this point. And I am SO glad I ever let it go.. because great things are coming!!

Some people are born with a god given talent. And some have to work hard on theirs. Giving up when things get hard or difficult doesn’t do any good. If you have an interest, push for it. Not everything is cake. Man I wish it were. Don’t we all? Everybody has a struggle, don’t let anyone tell you different! We should always uplift each other and never bash on one another. I was bashed on, bullied, made fun of before.. it wasn’t fun. Instead of being Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer, I want to help anyone who has any problems! Spread positivity out there!

Let’s continue to make the world a pretty place, one lash at a time. 💞  

First Blog Post..

Finally!! I’ve been totally wanting to write a blog post for THE longest. I get the honor of hearing a ton of awesome stories that anybody can relate or learn from it. Any lash tech’s out there with any questions of just about anything. I would LOVE to help in anyway possible.

Thoughts, questions, or suggestions about my first blog post?? Shoot an e-mail and I’ll get the ball rolling!

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